'Was Born Without a Mother': Assam Cop's Insensitive Comment at Hathras Protest Causes Outrage

Protesters seek justice for the Hathras rape victim.

Protesters seek justice for the Hathras rape victim.

The identity of the cop was not revealed but the protestors wish that their social media post gets the attention of those in power and initiate a larger conversation about women's safety in the country.


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The Hathras gang rape case has brought back familiar questions about law and ordr, women's safety, and misogyny in India. Exactly eight years after the events surrounding Delhi's infamous Nirbhaya case that took 23-year-old medical student's life in Delhi in a heinous crime, India is once again rocked by similar protests after the death of the 19-year-old Dalit girl from Uttar Pradesh's Hathras.

Critics and protesters have accused the Uttar Pradesh police and the state government of being hand-in-glove with the alleged perpetrators of the crime amid rising demonstrations demanding justice for the victim.

The incident has also given rise to a conversation about the abuse of power by the keepers of the law and order themselves who failed to protect the dignity of a victim of a heinous crime even after her death.

And yet, police officers seem to have not learnt and a recent incident involving an official of the Assam police and protestors goes on to prove the same. According to a report in The Telegraph, an Assam Police officer made an offensive comment about being "born without a mother" when confronted by some protesters seeking justice for the Hathras rape victim.

When the cop was caught laughing at the protest and confronted by protesters, he attempted to brush the matter off as a non-serious matter. He even told them that the incident took place in Assam and that the protesters shouldn't be so "bothered" about it.

The protesters then decided to ask the cop if he has a daughter. He says no, adding, "I'm unmarried". The protesters then ask him if he has a mother. The cop replies, "I was born without a mother. I just fell down on the earth".

A video of the above conversation was posted on Facebook by Guwahati-based Mayuri Deka, who was part of the all-women's protest that was organised for the Hathras victim on Saturday.

The post was further shared by Guwahati-based activist Rashmirekha Borah, who was one of the organisers of the two-hour protest, who reportedly said that such behaviour “needs to be highlighted and corrected” if we are to check the growing crime against women.

The identity of the policeman was not revealed but the protesters wish that their social media post gets the attention of those in power and helps to initiate a serious and ongoing conversation on gender issues which in turn can help to make the society a safer place for women.

Members of the five women organisations that protested for two hours here were Northeast Network, Assam Mahila Sangha, All India Democratic Women’s Association, Xodou Axom Pragatisheel Nari Xontha and Padatik Nari Xomaaj, the report said.

They also submitted a memorandum to PM Narendra Modi through the police commissioner where they spoke of the crimes that continue to haunt the country despite the centre's 'beti' campaigns.

The 2019 National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report that was published last week states that Rajasthan has recorded the highest number of rape cases, followed by Uttar Pradesh. It states that Assam, however, has topped the chart for rate of crime against women in the country, which is about three times more than the national figure, the NCRB report said.

The activists have demanded justice for all the cases registered against such crimes in the state.

“The rise in gender violence has filled the lives of our daughters with risk and danger. Recently, the horrific rape incident of a 19-year-old in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, the way her tongue was slit and spine was broken by the rapists, has left concerned citizens heartbroken and outraged... Women organisations of Assam condemn this horrific case in strongest words and demand proper investigation of the incident,” the memorandum submitted to the PM reportedly said.

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