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Was PM Modi Right? This Man Claims That He Made Tea Using Gas From Gutter Sludge

Was PM Modi Right? This Man Claims That He Made Tea Using Gas From Gutter Sludge

'I didn't like what Rahul Gandhi ji said, never thought he's immature.'

On Thursday, speaking at the inauguration of World Biofuel Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi narrated about reading a fascinating story of a chaiwalah and his jugaad technique in a newspaper that had left him impressed.

"Kisi chhote se nagar mein, naale ke paas, koi chai ka thela lekar ke khada rehtha tha aur chai banakar ke bechta tha. Ussne ek chhote se bartan ko ulta karke, ched karke ek pipe daal diya. Aur jo gutter se gas nikalta tha, woh pipeline se uske apne chai ke thele mein le liya. Aur woh chai banane ke liye ussi gas ka upyog kar karke chai banata tha.

(In a small town somewhere, near a gutter, there was a tea vendor who used to prepare tea using the gas emitted from the gutter. For doing so, he set up a small utensil, placed it upside down and made a hole in it. This way he extracted the gas using a pipeline to his stall and prepared tea.)"

His speech, however, was ridiculed on social media and netizens found it too good to be true.

And, now, a man has surfaced who is happy to have found a mention in PM's speech and claims that it was, in fact, him who used the sewage sludge technique to prepare and sell tea.

(scroll to 22:46)

Speaking to ANI, mechanical contractor SR Shirke who patented the production of bio-CNG from sewage sludge said, "Scientists told me my paper has been sent to higher authorities. It had already been 2 yrs hence, I had forgotten about it. Y'day I came to know Modi ji has mentioned my invention in his speech."

Shirke also claimed that he had received no financial assistance and the municipality threw away his equipment. "I've no financial assistance. People from Municipality threw away the equipment, saying it's a wastage. People from Science&Technology asked me to lodge FIR. I was disappointed so didn't do anything," Shirke told ANI.

The mechanical contractor said how the foul gases from gutter and sewage were being put to use to create fuel. He also criticised Rahul Gandhi, saying what the scion had said in response to Modi's tea seller anecdote was immature. "Nallah emitting foul gases & polluting environment is now being used for something like this & creating fuel. It's in national interest. I didn't like what Rahul Gandhi ji said."

Gandhi had recently addressed a public rally in Karnataka's Bidar and took a swipe at Modi's tea-seller 'story.'

"Modi promised to give 2 crore jobs to youth, now, he says make pakoras, make 'gas from drainage'," Gandhi said.