Watch: 92-year-old Dementia Patient Playing Piano Creates an 'Emotional Experience' for Daughter

Image for representation.

Image for representation.

92-year-old Elaine Lebar from Massachusetts, US might surprise you with her musical talent which was captured by her daughter.

Dementia is a syndrome which deteriorates the cognitive functions of a person. It nearly affects five to eight per cent of the population over the age of 60.

One such patient of dementia is winning the internet with her flawless piano performance. 92-year-old Elaine Lebar from Massachusetts, United States might surprise you with her musical talent which was captured by her daughter.

Elaine has had the memory loss disease for over eleven years but when she is in front of the piano, her musical memory comes back instantly.

Elaine’s daughter Randi Lebar who is 63-year-old started recording her mother’s piano sessions about three years ago, when Elaine moved into a memory care facility in Buzzards Bay, reports New York Post.

Even though Dementia has affected most of her motor skills and she cannot do most of the tasks without supervision, her memory of classical music remains intact. She plays symphonies of Chopin to Beethoven in the videos recorded by her daughter.

Speaking to Caters news service, Randi said that she would take her mother out of the memory care centre every week so that she could perform for the independent residents in her building and she realised that she would want these memories in the future. Which is why she started documenting her mother's performances.

Even though Elaine struggles to remember what she played moments later, Randi says the experience has helped her family reconnect in a unique way.

Randi describes the experience as "very emotional" since she had not lived near her as an adult, so these past few years have been very special to her.

Many studies have proven that musical knowledge often remains in dementia patients, since the area of the brain that preserves those memories is unaffected by the disease. According to Practical Neurology, music can revive emotions and memories and help provide a link to a person’s past and even develop a healthy interconnection with caregivers and others with dementia.

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