WATCH: Assam Doctor's Dance Moves in PPE Kit are so Good Even Hrithik Roshan is Impressed

The actor was very impressed by Dr Arup's moves and commented on the video on Twitter.

The actor was very impressed by Dr Arup's moves and commented on the video on Twitter.

The doctor's amazing dance moves to the song 'Ghungroo' were complemented by none other than actor Hrithik Roshan, who said that he wished to learn his dance steps someday in Assam.

The unwelcomed guest of 2020, coronavirus pandemic has surely disrupted a lot of entertainment resources, shelving of movies, concerts and bringing in a medical emergency world over. However, one doctor from Assam is determined to dance through these unexpected events and keep his patients entertained.

ENT surgeon from Silchar Medical College, Dr Arup Senapati has become an internet sensation after a video of him dancing in a PPE kit and face shield was posted by his friend on Twitter. Dr Syed Faizan Ahmed shared the video of Dr Arup dancing to Hrithik Roshan and Vaani Kapoor’s hit song Ghungroo from the movie War.

“Meet my #COVID duty colleague Dr Arup Senapati an ENT surgeon at Silchar medical college Assam. Dancing in front of COVID patients to make them feel happy,” read the caption.

Senapati danced in a similar Hrithik Roshan-style ,showing off his smooth moves despite being covered in personal protective equipment. He even did the hook step of the song and has been praised by netizens for being the multi-talented doctor that he is.

The video has received over 341.6k views on Twitter and has even received a heart-warming response from Hrithik Roshan himself.

The War actor complemented Dr Senapati’s terrific spirit as he tweeted, “Tell Dr Arup I’m gonna learn his steps and dance as good as him someday in Assam.”

Expressing their admiration for the doctor, one user commented, “Best Thing I'd seen in such depressing COVID days because of Lockdown & restrictions.”

Some fans also urged Hrithik to dance on the number and organise a virtual show to honour the medical community treating the coronavirus patients. “Maybe you could organise a virtual song and dance show in honour of the medical fraternity - an evening for them. I am sure you can get a lot of sponsors for the show and that money can be used for treatment of the poor,” read a tweet.

Dr Arup even shared the video on his Facebook account, where he said, “COVID DUTY OVER .. finally a dance number in PPE .. ghunghroo to nahi tuti par face shield tut gayi last me (the anklet bells did not break but my face shield did in the end).... started loving silchar medical college.”

In such tough times when the doctors are risking their lives for the covid patients and also trying to make the feel better like this, a little appreciation goes a long way for them. We wish Dr Arup keeps grooving to dance numbers always!

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