WATCH: Australian Siblings Film Close Encounter With Shark While Snorkeling, Video Goes Viral

Screenshot from video tweeted by ABC.

Screenshot from video tweeted by ABC.

In the clip, the girl can be heard screaming, as the shark keeps gliding closer and closer.

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A pair of brother and sister had a lucky escape as they returned from their snorkelling trip unharmed despite having witnessed a shark some meters away.

16-year-old Taia Hanley and her brother Baxter were spearfishing on the New South Wales South Coast last Sunday when she suddenly spotted a shark. She filmed the animal apparently following the siblings which has now gone viral.

In the clip, Taia can be heard screaming, as the shark keeps gliding closer. Then suddenly, it takes a turn and vanishes. The goosebump-inducing clip has been shared widely as the two spotted the giant predator only 500 feet offshore.

According to a report in ABC, it was the third shark encounter in the area within the last 12 hours. Such frequent sightings forced surfers to stay out of the waters from the next day. Speaking to the portal, the 13-year-old Baxter said, "Taia was hanging off the back of me because she always had a fear of sharks".

He added that it was after he heard her screams that he realized who had approached them. "She started screaming and I turned around, and it came out of nowhere and came straight for us".

The boy had even aimed his new speargun at the shark, while his sister started filming.

Taia further added that she never thought that she would be seeing a shark one day.

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