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Watch: Baby Elephant Dancing His Way Over Dirt Track Has a Life Lesson for All

Screenshot of the viral video.

Screenshot of the viral video.

In the 14-second-long clip, the baby elephant can be seen taking a stroll in a jungle in a jolly mood.

While checking our social media accounts on various platforms, we often come across videos of wildlife. Such videos are usually interesting as they show their unseen side or how one animal responds when attacked by the other.

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Sushant Nanda on Twitter shared a short clip of a baby elephant, which can be seen taking a stroll in a jungle in a jolly mood. The 14-second clip shows the baby elephant nodding its head while walking. Through the video, Nanda asked people to be happy as there is enough time to be sad.

The clip has received an overwhelming response from netizens. It has garnered more than 13.7K views and over 1.5K likes. Several people also commented on the post.

Responding to the tweet, one person asked if the baby elephant is jovial or annoyed with bees.

Another user thanked Nanda for sharing such video, saying that his tweets always make him happy.

“As happy as the first time I as a kid was sent to shop alone,” said a netizen.

A user wrote that she was concerned about the safety of the baby elephant as it’s walking alone.

Another person said that she hoped humans keep animals happy by not encroaching their homes (forest) or wildlife reserves.

One Twitterati responded by saying that the video brought a smile to her face.

A report surfaced last month which showed the cute side of an elephant calf. The incident took place in Thailand in which the elephant calf was pictured trying to hide behind a light pole. The reason behind what made it do so is actually funny.

It had realised that humans had caught him eating sugarcane, so the calf believed it would be best to hide behind a light pole. When people present there shone a light on it, the baby elephant stood still in the hope it would not get caught.

Elephants are not just cute but they are intelligent too. In March, Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Praveen Kaswan shared an incident on Twitter.

Through his tweet, he told netizens that how a herd of elephant cooperated while forest officials rescued a baby elephant which had fallen in a natural ditch inside a forest.

The forest officials were alerted after the calf fell in the ditch. They rushed to the spot to bring him out of it. But, the best thing about the incident is that the herd of elephants allowed the official to carry out the rescue operation without any disturbance. They saw the forest staff pulling out calf from a distance, allowing them to do their work.

The calf was reunited with his family after five hours of rescue operation.

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