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WATCH: Dog Honks Impatiently After Owner Leaves Him Alone in Car to Go Shopping

Video grab.
(Image credit: Instagram / @steelervh )

Video grab. (Image credit: Instagram / @steelervh )

In a viral video of the incident, the dog is seen sitting on the driver's seat and honking impatiently until a slightly annoyed owner paces to the scene.

  • Last Updated: January 12, 2020, 5:26 PM IST
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In a rather adorable incident, a not-so-amused dog took over the driver's seat to honk impatiently in response to his human's actions.

In the video of the incident that has gone viral, the dog can be seen sitting on the driver's seat, accompanied by another in the passenger's seat and honking without a pause until a slightly annoyed owner paces to the scene.

Realising his doggos were unhappy, the owner sets them free.

The video was shared by Instagram user Steele von Hoff, a professional Australian cyclist, who said, "I used to do the same when mum went in to the supermarket without me. Surprised he didn’t take off down Main Street."

The short clip garnered nearly about 50,000 views and more than 5.500 likes on the photo and video sharing platform. However, other details of the video were not known.

From "Aren't dogs just so cute," to "Man, hope he got some treats for the dog," the post attracted endearing as well as hilarious comments.

Few even imagined how their dogs would have behaved in the similar way with one user saying, "Definitely Murphy would do this."

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