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Watch: Elephant Calf Born at Karnataka Temple Plays in Tub of Water After Naming Ceremony

Photo: ANI/Facebook

Photo: ANI/Facebook

In the viral video, the baby elephant can be seen playing in a tub of water.

In a video that has gone viral, a two-month old elephant calf named Shivani born at Sri Manjunatha Swamy Temple in Dharmasthala, Karnataka can be seen gleefully playing in a tub of water.

According to the video shared by ANI, the elephant calf was born on July 1 this year and loves playing in the water. The adorable calf had her naming ceremony recently, where she was named Shivani. In the video, she can be seen donning colourful garments, to mark her special day.

The video has gone viral on social media and at the time of writing this, the video had over 2.8k likes over 300 shares. Watch the video here:

Baby elephants, and even adults, love playing in water. That is evident from the countless viral videos on the internet.

In a video that went viral this year, an elephant was seen playing with a water sprinkler. In the 28-second video, the elephant is seen getting each part of its body drenched with water that was oozing out of the sprinkler.

The clip ends with the elephant calf letting water rush directly on its face and trunk. It is then seen joyfully lying in a puddle.

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In another incident from June this year, an elephant decided to take a nap in the pool.

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The elephant was caught on camera having a lie-down in water. The adorable giant was found slumbering in the pool of Fort Worth Zoo in Texas. In a video posted by the Fort Worth Zoo, one can see the elephant lift his trunk out of the water to take a breath while lounging in the splash pool.

A few weeks ago, another picture of a group of elephants standing in a water body, probably a river, went viral.