Watch: Father Dances for Cancer-fighting Son outside Hospital Window in a Heart-warming Video

Video grab of father-son dancing.
(Facebook/ Cook Children's)

Video grab of father-son dancing. (Facebook/ Cook Children's)

A very wholesome video has become viral where a doting father can be seen dancing outside a hospital.

A father in the US has evidently chosen smiles over tears to help him and his family get through a very tough and trying time during the pandemic.

A very wholesome video has become viral where a doting father can be seen dancing outside a hospital. Separated by a wall is son, who sits inside the hospital, admitted for his treatment.

Cook Children’s Healthcare System is a children’s hospital in Fort Worth, Texas and they posted the heart-warming video was posted to their Facebook page. A young boy, Aiden, was diagnosed with Lymphocytic leukaemia earlier this year. He is just 12 years old.

As the family received this shattering news, the world was beginning to succumb to the COVID-19 pandemic. With multiple lockdowns in place, hospitals all around the country (United States) started to limit visitations. Since this was a children’s hospital, it allowed one parent or a caregiver to stay with their child.

Lori, Aiden’s mother, is the parent who gets to be with her son every Tuesday. His father has to stay out, unable to see or touch his son. But he came up with a solution to not only see his son but also cheering him up during his battle against cancer.

He chose a spot outside the hospital which was in front of his son’s window. There, he danced around to uplifting beats, making everyone around smile.

The father, who is wearing fiery orange pants and a grey mask, is displaying his best hip-hop moves out in the parking lot. After a few seconds, the video splits into two screens- the second one showing the child for whom the performance was staged. Inside his hospital room, he mirrors his father’s dance moves to the best of his abilities.

According to the caption, this isn’t a one-time thing. Chuck does his little dance routine every Tuesday while his wife goes in to visit. Cancer treatment can reduce immunity, putting such patients at a greater risk for Coronavirus infection.

The video has over 67,000 likes and nearly 5,000 comments, most of which are people wishing Aiden a speedy recovery, while others are applauding the father.

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