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Watch: Fearless Biker Stands Up Against Arrogant Man Driving Jeep On Wrong Side

Photo credits: Nilay Verma

Photo credits: Nilay Verma

The incident took place in Bhopal when a biker refused to give way to an arrogant Jeep driver coming from the wrong side of the street.

We Indians often underestimate the after-effects of an accident while making a mockery of traffic rules on the road. The basic traffic rules in India are often violated as many ignorant motorists carry the chalta hai attitude while putting others' lives in jeopardy.

But not this time. A good Samaritan in Bhopal stood up against a traffic offender without fearing the consequences.

It all started when a brave biker refused to give way to a Jeep driving on a one-way street even as the car driver threatened to run him over.

After a few intense moments shared between the two men, the biker pulled out a mobile phone from his pocket and decided to click pictures of Jeep's number plate. The Jeep driver responded to this by clicking pictures of the bike's license plate.

Soon, the incident turned violent when the arrogant Jeep driver started hitting the biker and pushed him across the police barricades on the road.

Confused on-lookers finally interfered the two men and put an end to the road rage.

All of this was captured on CCTV and a Facebook user Nilay Verma shared the footage from his account which later went viral across the platform.

The viral footage has garnered over 14M views and nearly 190k shares since its upload on the platform. "World needs more people like this rider who dare enough to know the wrong and stand against it till the end,whose 'will' can't be shattered as easily as the wrongdoers think. Highly appreciable initiative, my salute," Verma wrote in his post.

Verma also shared a FIR copy from his account that states that the incident took place in Chunabhatti, Bhopal.

While lauding the biker for his brave act, many users on social media were critical of the on-lookers with many calling them "useless" and "mute" spectators as the incident unfolded on a busy street.

first published:November 07, 2017, 13:54 IST