WATCH: Fishermen Save Exhausted Monkey From Drowning in Brazil, Heartwarming Video Goes Viral

YouTube screengrab.

YouTube screengrab.

Recently, a group of fishermen spotted an exhausted monkey swimming in a Brazil river while they were on their boat.

Videos of humans helping animals in need give the world a ray of hope. It became a common sight when forest fires wreaked havoc in Australia. People at that time helped wild animals by feeding them water and rescuing them from the blaze. Recently, a group of fishermen did something similar. They spotted an exhausted monkey swimming in a river while they were on their boat.

Realising the animal had got tired and it would drown if not rescued, they gave it a helping hand. The incident took place in a river in Tres Vendas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, reported Mail Online.

The fisherman also recorded a video of the incident. The clip shows that they spot the howler monkey swimming at a distance from them. In the video, the animal looks tired. So, in order to save it from drowning, they extended their oar.

As soon as the monkey got the oar, it held on to it with its hands. Then, it rode along with the men, holding the oar. They helped the monkey reach near a branch of a tree, after which he disappeared into the trees.

Mail Online quoted the man, who shot the video, as saying that he and his friends had gone for camping and fishing. He added that they were leaving and in one last boat ride they noticed the monkey showing signs of fatigue.

"We drove the boat to the point where the animal swam and extended the oar to the animal, which soon clung to not drown. The monkey species is a "bugio" and it's an endangered species," he stated.

When bushfires in Australia’s New South Wales last year ravaged the country’s east coast, man’s act of kindness towards an injured koala caught the attention of people.

A video of the incident surfaced on social media in which the man can be seen feeding water to a koala from a glass. He received appreciation for his kind deed from netizens.

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