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WATCH: Hungry Alligator Tries to Eat Turtle for Lunch But Things Don't Go as Planned

Screenshot from video uploaded by 
HomeShark | YouTube.

Screenshot from video uploaded by HomeShark | YouTube.

In a viral battle between a gigantic alligator and tiny turtle, who do you think won?

Though not recognised as natural enemies, if a turtle and alligator were to faceoff, bets would likely be placed on the larger animal. The wild is called wild for a reason, unexpected, and sometimes crazy things happen that leave us astonished. Most events go unnoticed by humans, but an epic fight in the animal kingdom was fortunately captured on camera.

An animal video is becoming viral on the internet once again and for all the right reasons. In this phenomenal video, an alligator tries to attack a turtle. Possibly, it’s hungry and the turtle looks to him like a potential lunch. However, the meal plans don’t go exactly as planned. Watch the video here:


The video begins with the turtle already inside the alligator’s mouth. The scene can make the faint-hearted really nervous. However, nature had the turtle’s back, literally. Owing to the hard, smooth, and spherical shell of the turtle, the alligator couldn’t simply swallow the smaller animal.

Alligators are used to swallowing and chewing their prey whole. They usually don’t tear off flesh like a lion or bite-like mammals. The turtle, protected by its shell, slips out from the predator’s mouth. However, alligator tries again. Around the third slip, the turtle simply hops in a very slow pace, as turtles tend to do. The alligator doesn’t even attempt to follow. He just sits there with an empty mouth and empty stomach.

The video was shared by Indian Revenue Service Naveed Trumboo after which it got over 32,000 views. “Thick skin and a strong mind are essential if you want to survive in this world. Nobody can break you down if you don’t let them. -Unknown,” Trumboo, the Twitter user, wrote while sharing the video.

However, the original video is three years old and from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, US. The video was first shared on YouTube, and described as an incident in someone’s backyard.