Watch: Kangaroo Named 'Brad Pitt' Rescued from an Australian Mineshaft in Viral Video

Video grab.
(Image credit: Facebook)

Video grab. (Image credit: Facebook)

The post further added that the kangaroo is in good health and will be released soon.

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In a video that will fill your heart with love shows how a team of people rescued a kangaroo from a mine shaft in Australia. The rescue operation was carried out by Five Freedoms Animal Rescue, which is a professional animal rescue service for native Australian Wildlife run by Manfred Zabinskas.

In a Facebook post on their official page they informed, “Another mineshaft rescue today. And this time, after many of these rescues, we got it on film. This big boy was happened upon by some young kids playing in Drummond. It was lucky he was, as it could take a kangaroo weeks to die down one of these”.

The post further added that the kangaroo is in good health and will be released soon.

According to a report published in the Indian Express, the animal has been named Brad Pitt.

As can be seen in the nearly seven minutes long video, the kangaroo is first tranquilised, after which a man goes down in the shaft puts the four legged animal in a black coloured bag and eventually with the assistance of other team mates gets Brad Pitt out of the shaft.

Till now, the video has been viewed more than 13 thousand times. The comments are full of praises for the person who rescued Brad Pitt. A person said, “This man is a tireless saviour. Have followed him for some years. If anyone deserves donations, he does. He drives anywhere he can to help an animal in distress...all from his own pocket. You are nothing short of a hero!”

Another wrote, “The world is a kinder place thanks to everyone involved in this rescue. THANK YOU ..... again”

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