Watch: Massive Elephant Seal, the Size of a Car, Enjoys a Night Out in Chilean Town

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

The neighbourhood was left baffled when they spotted a fully-grown, humongous elephant seal, casually sliding across the street.

Marine animals are called so for a reason. They live in water, or in some cases they can be seen on the shores near water. However, in a very incident, a huge elephants seal was discovered in the streets of a Chilean town.

The neighbourhood was left baffled when they spotted a fully-grown, humongous elephant seal, casually sliding across the street as if out for a pleasant night stroll. These animals are found in southern Antarctic waters mostly.

Drivers stopped their cars and walkers took out their phones to immediately capture this rare sight in their area. The incident happened in a town called Puerto Cisnes in Chile. It is near a coast; however, the residential area isn’t so near for a seal to come around visiting. As was evidenced when the nearly three-tonnes animal settled on a curb, exhausted from this long journey. People were careful to observe the animal from a distance and didn’t interfere with its personal space.

Some concerned locals called the authorities. Together, with the help of naval officers and police, the residents managed to safely guide it back to its habitat. To do so, they gathered large black tarpaulins and held them up along the path, creating a block from any possible diversions the seal could take. They managed to create a straight path toward the sea.

People were seen cheering at the successful homecoming of the seal.

A local woman shared how she wasn’t sure if the animal would attack or not. “I’d never seen one so close up – and certainly never in the middle of town. We see these animals quite far out at sea and so we don’t know much about them,” she told online newspaper Infobae.

According to New Zealand Herald, since Chile has a strict curfew in place (due to coronavirus pandemic), the animals have become emboldened to enter human-habituated areas. Around six mountain pumas had entered the streets in another Chilean town in August.

An official from Chile’s National Fishing and Aquaculture Service, Nicolas Leiva, told the AP that it was completely normal. “This is a completely natural event, from August and September there are more sightings of elephant seals [and] penguins around the region,” he said. However, he also added that such sightings have increased lately.

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