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WATCH: MrBeast Digs Wells in African Villages to Make Water Accessible

MrBeast Digs Wells in African Villages. (Image: YouTube)

MrBeast Digs Wells in African Villages. (Image: YouTube)

MrBeast, in his latest project, created wells in Africa so that people get basic access to water.

YouTuber MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, is back with another ambitious project. He went to Africa and dug some wells in villages named Mbouda and Foumbot as people there do not have “reliable access” to water. He teamed up with a charity and built two separate wells which will be able to produce 10,000 litres of water separately. He explains how the first well will be dug under a 180ft down and the second one will be dug under 270ft. Everyone needs water for survival. However, many do not have access to it. Have a look at the video for a better understanding:

Since uploaded, the video has managed to gather over 37 lakh views. Netizens can be seen appreciating his efforts. “Man, this guy is such a blessing for those people in Africa, providing them tons of clean drinking water! Hats off to Jimmy!!” wrote a person in the comment section. Another person wrote, “So much respect for Jimmy, he provides so much value to the community in multiple aspects, keep it up Jimmy we need more people like you!.”

“Amazing work being done! It broke my heart to see all of these people having to live with little water. It’s so important to our lives, and we take it for granted every single day. It’s no wonder that they were so happy in the celebration. MrBeast and crew, keep up the good work!” wrote another person in the comment section.

Meanwhile, earlier, MrBeast recreated Squid Games with 456 participants. The person who survived the longest wins $456,000. MrBeast’s set includes replications of all of the games from the show like Red Light Green Light, the honeycomb challenge, the marbles game, the tug of war, the glass hopping challenge and the final Squid Game. For the final challenge, however, he replaced South Korea’s popular Squid Game with musical chairs so that the Western participants would know the rules. Other than that, the only departure from the show is in the fact that nobody ended up being murdered for losing any of the games.

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first published:May 22, 2022, 15:17 IST