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WATCH: Russian Couple Makes Miraculous Escape after 50 Feet Ice Block Hits Their Car Windscreen

Video grab.
(Credit: YouTube)

Video grab. (Credit: YouTube)

A Russian couple had a narrow escape from a 50 feet ice block breaking their car's windscreen.

You know God’s hand rests on your head when you escape a near-death experience. Going by the viral video doing the rounds of the internet, this was exactly what happened with an unsuspecting Russian couple. The scary ordeal was captured in the town of Kola in Russia recently. In the scenes recorded by the camera, one can see a couple’s shocking escape after a humongous ice block from a 50-feet high roof falls and crashes on their car’s windscreen, while they sit inside.

According to a report by LadBible, the huge block of ice fell from a building in the Arctic outpost of Kola. Although the incident was terrifying, the couple managed to get out of their car safely. Luckily, the car’s windscreen was able to take the force of the falling ice and the duo could escape unhurt. The footage brings to fore the couple’s presence of mind and courage in the face of adversity. The bravery they displayed is laudable.

The viral video shows the scared couple jumping out of their car — a Nissan Murano — in fear. As the driver didn’t have time to switch the gear, the vehicle is seen going in reverse down the slope. Later on, the woman tries to hit the brakes or switch the gear, and her companion can be seen wandering around dumbstruck. The clip ends on a positive note as the woman strokes her face in relief at their miraculous escape.

Another similar, near-fatal incident happened a few days back in the town of Ramos Mejia in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires on 24 March. One can clearly see in the footage that a train narrowly avoided a group of people who assumed that railway tracks are the best place to resolve a fight. As per the video, the scuffle involved 20 people.

first published:April 01, 2021, 18:10 IST