Watch: Soumitra Chatterjee Recited 'Abol Tabol' Rhymes as His Parting Gift to Kids

Photo: Screenshot of video uploaded by Ministry of Muzik on YouTube

Photo: Screenshot of video uploaded by Ministry of Muzik on YouTube

Soumitra Chatterjee passed away on Sunday.


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Soumitra Chatterjee, one of the most celebrated Indian actors and a cultural icon for Bengalis around the world, passed away on Sunday.

The 85-year-old icon had tested COVID-19 positive on October 5. Since then, his condition had remained grim. After a prolonged battle with the illness, Chatterjee passed away, leaving a void in the heart of his fans.

Condolences poured in as fans around the world paid tributes to the late actor.

While Chatterjee had been hospitalised with thousands of fans praying for his recovery, an animated series for children with rhymes recited by the actor was released on Saturday -- a day before the veteran actor passed away.

The first episode of an animated series on 'Abol Tabol', rhymes recited by Chatterjee before his hospitalisation, was released on YouTube on the occasion of Children's Day. The collection of 53 rhymes, a timeless creation of filmmaker Satyajit Ray's father and children's fiction writer Sukumar Ray, was first published in 1923. It still appeals to a wide spectrum of Bengali readers irrespective of their age.

"Soumitra Chattopadhyay had agreed to be part of the project once we approached him with our proposal during the nationwide lockdown. "We had goosebumps during the recording session, which was completed in two consecutive days. Watching Soumitra babu recite the rhymes with great enthusiasm was an amazing experience," Shiladitya Chaudhury, the director of the YouTube channel on which the first of the four episodes was streamed, said.

The first episode features rhymes like 'Gnof Churi', 'Kath Buro', 'Khichudi', 'Sawt-Patro' and 'Ganer Gnuto', among others. The remaining three episodes will be released in the subsequent weeks, he said.

Satyajit Ray's filmmaker son Sandip Ray said about the launch, "It is an interesting project to bring the literary works of Sukumar Ray to the present generation through virtual media. I recall how much I loved the characters depicted by my late grandfather in 'Abol Tabol' in my childhood."

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