Watch: Terrifying Video of Chinese Kitchen Exploding in Ball of Fire Goes Viral, 34 Killed

Video grab. 
(Credit: Daily Mail)

Video grab. (Credit: Daily Mail)

According to the Municipal Communist Party Committee of Miluo, the accident, which was was captured on a security camera that shows the dangerous explosion, killed 34 people.

An explosion occurred in a small restaurant in the Chinese city of Miluo on Wednesday, injuring around 34 people. The city is located in Hunan Province in southern China. The blast happened in the kitchen of the restaurant around lunchtime and the causes are under investigation, according to reports.

The officials say that no one was killed in the mishap. According to the Municipal Communist Party Committee of Miluo, the accident happened at 12:40 pm. The life-threatening accident was captured on a security camera and shows the dangerous explosion.

In the video, we can first see smoke coming out of an area and a couple of people start escaping the place. The 42-second video shows that some people try to go to the spot to perhaps understand what is happening but at that moment, a blast occurs and we can see a ball that injured many. One person who is on fire is seen running around while others were also injured.

The Propaganda Department of the Municipal Communist Party Committee of Miluo said that the local authorities were going all out to save the ones who have sustained injuries in the blast.

The report says that in a separate video, which has been shared by Pear, the aftermath of the incident has been recorded. In the video, people can be seen gathering outside the restaurant as thick black smoke was coming out of the place. Firefighters were also seen using water pipes to douse the fire at the restaurant.

The footage also shows a man with blood on his head and arms. It is believed that the person escaped from the restaurant after the blast. Eight of the injured people have been transferred to hospitals situated in Changsha, the provincial capital. As per the authorities, out of the 34 injured, one person has suffered severe injuries in the accident.

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