WATCH: These Animals Have Gracefully Mastered the Art of Yoga Poses

Combination photo of animals doing yoga.

Combination photo of animals doing yoga.

From dogs to cats to squirrels and rabbits, these animals seem to have learnt the art of yoga effortlessly.

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Yoga has a long list of benefits to offer. From better flexibility to helping you gain immunity against diseases, yoga is a life saver. With the International Yoga Day 2020, many people took up the art of yoga and several others continued to hone their skills. But why should such a treat be restricted to the people?

After all every living being needs a bit of stretching to stay prim and proper. To encourage the practice of yoga in animals, here are some photos and videos of various animals doing yoga and doing it better than most of the humans.

This brilliant four pawed pug standing on two legs, thereby delivering a clear cut hand stand!

And a poodle trying the lifts.

Here is a squirrel doing kapalbhati

And a turtle perfecting the art of the warrior pose

Here is a breathtaking photo of a pet actively helping out their hooman in yoga training.

Catch a glimpse of this Rottweiler holding the downward dog pose just for a second!

This rabbit is a professional in acing the difficult yoga poses. Be it spinal twists, the child’s pose or the plank.

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