WATCH: This is What Pakistanis Will Do if You Ask Them to Tear The Indian Flag

Image: Youtube

Image: Youtube

Two Pakistani men went around Lahore's Liberty market, asking people if they would tear the Indian national flag. The people had a surprise in store for everyone.

Parth Sharma
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  • Last Updated: August 7, 2018, 3:05 PM IST
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The historic enmity between India and Pakistan is a no-brainer. We live in a time where voicing any criticism against the functioning of our country is seen as “Tu toh anti-national hai, chal Pakistan jaa”! ("You're an anti-national, go to Pakistan").

But it seems Pakistanis may actually not be as ‘monstrous’ and ‘evil’ as we Indians are made to believe.

A recent YouTube video by a channel called 'LahoriFied' that is doing the rounds right before Independence Day goes onto prove that point.

In the video, two men are seen walking around the busy streets of Lahore’s Liberty Market, stopping people and asking them plain and simple, “Kya aap India ka jhanda phaad doge?” ("Will you tear the Indian flag?")

The immediate reaction (adds drum-roll to increase suspense) is NO.

But the man doesn’t give up. He now takes out his wallet and asks, “Main aapko 15000 dunga. Tab bhi nahi?”  ("Not even if I give you Rs 15,000?")

The answer? NO.

The man is NOT ready to give up. He persuades the people again. This time luring them with Rs 50,000.

The answer is still a NO.

The men in the video continue to coax the people, questioning their very idea of patriotism. The people, still holding their ground, revert with, “Yeh galat baat hai. Inse kuch hai hi nahi humara. Toh hum kyun phaade jhanda? Aap 10 lakh bhi doge toh bhi nahi phaadunga yeh jhanda.”  ("This is wrong. We don't have anything against them. Why should we tear their flag? We won't tear it even if you give us 10 lakhs.")

The people, in turn, made the two men aware of the need to respect every country’s idea of nationalism and equality. Further explaining that if we are told to respect every religion we must also respect the flag of a nation and the idea that it represents.

Fun fact, you don't have to hate Pakistan. Being an Indian or a Pakistani does not imply that there’s an unspoken rule or a compulsion to hate the other nation’s ideologies, their religious beliefs, and their lifestyle.

It may take time to 'love thy neighbour', but thou can always learn to be civil.

Watch the social experiment video here:

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