Watch: TikTok Video Imitates Last Airbender Urging People to Stay at Home amid Corona Lockdown

Video grab.
(Image credit: Twitter/TikTok)

Video grab. (Image credit: Twitter/TikTok)

As the social media gets flooded with posts and videos of the same, a viral TikTok video that imitating the Last Airbender content, is breaking the internet.

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  • Last Updated: March 23, 2020, 5:09 PM IST
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With the Coronavirus lockdown across multiple nations forcing the people to stay indoors, social media has become the platform to give people ideas on how to kill time or utilise as the pandemic grips the world.

As social media is flooded with posts and videos of tips and tricks, a viral TikTok video imitating the Last Airbender content is breaking the internet.

The video shows how the four elements — air, water, earth and fire — "lived in harmony once upon a time and then everything changed!" with the attacked of the novel Coronavirus. With the voice of rapper Cardi B in the background shouting 'Coronavirus', it wiped out all the forces.

At a time like this, when there seemed no one to combat the COVID-19, there came the "avatar and master of all fours that could stop it" — the hand sanitiser, a boy dressed in a black robe.

"But when the world needed him the most he vanished", says a voice as the frame directly cuts into empty grocery stores.

The video continues with the voice saying, "100 years passed and then me and my brother discovered the new avatar" staying at home — an Airbender, who preaches washing hands and quarantine and chill. That's "Period".

Twitter user @lilnigga_Lexx, took to the micro-blogging to site to share the video and said, "This quarantine has really upped some of y'all's creativity."

The video garnered nearly 10,000 retweets and 27,000 likes, with netizens hailing the video as a 'masterpiece'.

Meanwhile, the total deaths across the world due to the novel coronavirus has crossed 15,000 while over 3,00,000 positive cases have been reported.

Europe on Sunday saw another spike in cases of deaths with Italy announcing a total of 651 deaths in one day, bringing its total to 5,476.

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