Watch: TikTok’s Latest Viral ‘You Could’ve Been Nicer’ Challenge is a Laugh Riot

Video grab.
(Image credit: TikTok)

Video grab. (Image credit: TikTok)

Take a look at some of these videos that have been shared on the portal as a part of the challenge.

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Various bizarre challenges keep popping up on the internet every now and then. Majority of these bizarre challenges were first seen on the video-sharing portal TikTok.

Joining the league of weird pranks is a new one, ‘You Could've Been Nicer’ challenge. As a part of this absolutely unusual task, a person has to say “I feel like you could've been nicer to me today” to their partner and have to record their reaction to it.

The challenge might be a bit awkward and scary for the participants, but it is nothing less than a laugh riot for those watching the video. As you would expect from a video of this sort, ‘Could've Been Nicer’ has gone viral on TikTok.

Take a look at some of these videos that have been shared on the portal as a part of the challenge:


Wait...just pause your workout while I tell you that you could have been nicer to me today... ##newtrend ##relatable ##nicertome ##react ##reaction

♬ original sound - georgieandzac


Tried the “I feel like you could have been nicer to me today” challenge on my boyfriend

♬ Boyfriend challenge - okmidd


You could have been nicer to me trend on husband. ##trend ##new_trending ##foryou

♬ original sound - lindakay123


Telling him he could have been nicer to me this morning ##comebacks ##Kolors ##nicertopeople

♬ original sound - itsmckaenauriyal


Tried the “you coulda been nicer to me” challenge and his answer could not have been more REASONABLE @ianpaget_ ##fyp ##boyfriends ##couplechallenge

♬ Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley

Among the other trending videos that are becoming exceedingly popular among couples, there is the famous doodle challenge. A lot of people are taking it up to spend more time with their partner in a unique and creative manner. As a part of it, a sheet of paper is stuck to one person’s back, and the other person has to draw or doodle anything on the sheet. The person on whom the sheet is attached has to recreate the drawing by interpreting the gestures on his/her back. This challenge can also be taken up with any friend or family member.


On essaye le ##doodlechallenge Ça se voit pas mais le but est de reproduire ce qu’il dessine dans mon dos Vous me mettez quelle note ? ##dessin

♬ Bring It Around - Sky Summers

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