Watch: Viral Video of Man Casting a Perfect Net is Casting a Spell on the Internet

This fisherman seems to have cast the perfect net in this viral video | Image credit: Twitter

This fisherman seems to have cast the perfect net in this viral video | Image credit: Twitter

While the mysterious net-caster remains anonymous, the video of the perfect net-casting has taken the internet by storm.

What makes the internet a truly beautiful place is its randomness. There’s no fixed rule to popularity, no one knows what will catch netizen’s attention next. Whether it’s a cat doing funny stuff or David Warner dancing with his daughter to Sheila ki Jawani.

The internet is full of stuff that will make you laugh or cry or simply be in awe. One such video doing the rounds on Reddit is a video of a fishing net, no joke. It’s just a video of a man throwing a fishing net. But the way he throws the net is akin to an artist painting on a canvas.

In this very short video, you can see any mundane activity can be performed artistically.

The video is captioned as “casting a perfect net” and it truly is a work of perfection. The video was uploaded to Reddit and it’s unclear who the person is or where the video was taken.

In the video, a man dressed in black clothes and orange gumboots is seen standing at the edge of a water body, lake or a pond, presumably. The water is shallow and quite still. Then, he lifts the bundle of net he has in his hands and raises it above his head. His action releases the net as it unfolds in a circular motion.

The net, which has red concentric circles, similar to that of a dartboard, lands on the water surface in a perfect drop. The whole thing feels unreal, as if some digital artist had animated the entire process.

The incredible video has been watched nearly three million times since being shared. Watch it here:

The video has approximately 69,000 upvotes, Reddit’s version of a “like”. The comment section is filled with people, either completely mesmerised, or making jokes in the truest reddit fashion.

“Being a person that owns a casting net, and has tried/failed hundreds of times, I completely respect this man,” said user KC_Jedi.

“I bought one last season in anticipation of catching alewives for stripers. Casted it about 30 times. Each more useless than the last. Its sat in my trunk since then lol,” wrote NikkiD29

“Me swiping right to every girl on Tinder,” joked Osirawl, while Vheissu wrote, “Flamenco dancing lessons.”

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