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Watch: Woman Found Maggots Wriggling Inside Ketchup Dispenser At UK McDonald's Outlet

(Image: Twitter)

(Image: Twitter)

The maggots were found in a McDonald's outlet in Cambridge, UK.

Parth Sharma
  • Last Updated: October 8, 2018, 2:09 PM IST
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Maggots and nightmares go hand in hand. But can you imagine maggots on your favorite burger? the nightmare came true for a UK woman who recently found maggots inside a Ketchup dispenser at a McDonald's outlet in Cambridge.

To make matters worse for the fast-food chain, the woman in question shared a video of the live maggots, crawling around inside a transparent ketchup dispenser at the outlet.

Complaining about the same, she tweeted that was never going near the ketchup dispensers in McDonald's ever again.

Isabella claimed that she had complained to a staff member about the maggots but the latter completely ignored her and continued to serve customers. Isabella added that she had to "literally stop someone from eating it."

The video, which has been viewed over 42,000 times, finally managed to get the chain's attention. On October 4, a day after Isabella's tweet,  McDonald's responded, promising her that than an investigation would be launched immediately.

However, damage was already done. With the video going viral, several users swore off McDoland's, with many promising to never be seen within a 10-metre radius of the ketchup dispensers in the burger joints.

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