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‘We are all Doomed’: If Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's Account Isn't Safe, Whose is?

File image of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

File image of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

'If if it can happen to Jack, it can happen to anybody,' was a common concern that ran through the minds of Twitterati.

Anurag Verma
  • Last Updated: September 1, 2019, 11:51 AM IST
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"The phone number associated with the account was compromised due to a security oversight by the mobile provider. This allowed an unauthorized person to compose and send tweets via text message from the phone number. That issue is now resolved."

A Twitter account was compromised on Friday and the hacker managed to send offensive tweets out via text message from the victim's phone number.

The victim? Founder-CEO of microblogging site Twitter Jack Dorsey.

This is how the horror unfolded:

'Chuckling Squad' claimed responsibility for the attack and posted and retweeted a host of awful tweets from the @Jack account, using racist slurs that were anti-Semitic in nature.

But the hackers didn't stop at that. In one of the tweets posted from Twitter chief's account, his timeline claimed that the Twitter headquarters had a secret bomb planted in its premises, sparking off alarms regarding the safety of the premises.

Twitter was quick to acknowledge the attack and assured the users that the website's systems were safe and not compromised.

The Jack-hack, for all the obvious reasons, sent a panic attack amongst the users on the website. "If if it can happen to Jack, it can happen to anybody," was a common concern that ran through the minds of those dedicated to using the website routinely.

"If Jack Dorsey can be hacked, someone could hack President Trump’s account, threaten nuclear war with Russia and China, and our adversaries may believe it and act upon it because it’s not necessarily out of character for Trump to announce a nuclear first strike on Twitter," wrote one user.

That Jack got hacked on his own platform was a hard pill to digest.

Sure, the humour wasn't lost on all.

Elliot Alderson, a famous hacker himself (especially in India), had the last laugh.

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