We Do Not Have a Child Slave Colony on Mars: NASA

Mars Has Ideal Conditions to Produce Oxygen From CO2: Study (image courtesy: NASA)

Mars Has Ideal Conditions to Produce Oxygen From CO2: Study (image courtesy: NASA)

The US space agency had to deal with another conspiracy theory

Shantanu David
  • News18.com
  • Last Updated: June 30, 2017, 7:55 PM IST
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He’s at it again. Conspiracy theorist and human gopher Alex Jones announced his latest revelation and it’s out of this world. On Infowars, his radio talk show, which is beamed across 118 stations in the US, his guest on Thursday was Robert David Steele, who, according to the latter’s Wikipedia page and website, is a former clandestine services case officer at the Central Intelligence Agency (you know how much spies love publicity) and author of several books. He was also, briefly, the Reform Party candidate for the US Presidential Elections in 2012. Which is a shame when you imagine the missed TV gold opportunity of him in debate with Donald Trump in this last election cycle.

But never mind all that. While on Jones’ show, Steele mentioned how NASA established a colony on Mars to which they shipped kidnapped children over a 20-year space ride. The fact that, in that case, they wouldn’t be kids anymore wasn’t touched upon. Once there, the “kids” have no alternative but to become slaves at the colony, because that’s just how NASA rolls apparently.

Not content with just enslaving said children, NASA also murders some of them for their blood and bone marrow, after terrifying them first so that there’s enough adrenaline in the blood. This, according to Steele, is a form of pedophilia, which is, again, performed on 20-plus year old kids. NASA’s machinations include shutting off space probes, whenever in the vicinity of the slave camps, so that the rest of us don’t see them.

NASA denied the allegations, narrowly avoiding collectively rolling their eyes.

Fun fact: NASA’s budget is a little over 18 billion dollars. Estimates put the cost of initially putting just four people on Mars at six billion dollars. But then maybe the slaves get a children’s discount.

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