'Webinars' are Giving Anand Mahindra a Tough Time and He Fears a 'Meltdown'

(Image credit: Twitter)

(Image credit: Twitter)

Mahindra recently expressed his annoyance at webinars (seminars over web).

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  • Last Updated: May 29, 2020, 4:06 PM IST
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At a time when the coronavirus pandemic has gripped the world, Indian businessman Anand Mahindra has once again come up to discuss about the pros and cons of working from home.

With offices and organisations switching to work from home, the popularity of virtual seminars or conducting business over video calls has gained popularity. Mahindra recently expressed his frustration over webinars (seminars over web).

Taking to Twitter the 65-year-old said, "If I get one more invitation to a 'webinar' I might have a serious meltdown." He further appealed, "Is it possible to petition for banishing this word from the dictionary even though it was a relatively recent entrant?"

The post shows: "Free Webinar, how manufacturing can embrace remote working".

The tweet immediately went viral with many reiterating the business tycoon's thoughts.

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