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Weird Vancouver Apartment Advertisement Removed After Public Outcry

Weird Vancouver Apartment Advertisement Removed After Public Outcry

The apartment has bed and open toilet in the same room.

Across the globe, many people live far away from their homes for their studies or work. It is very important to find a suitable and budget-friendly place to live in the areas where you work or study. There are many websites and apps where one can easily find homes for rent. A small studio flat located in Vancouver, Canada was available for rent at 398 pounds per month. The studio flat of 160 square feet has a kitchen, washroom, storage, and bed in a single room.

The pictures of the flat were posted on Craigslist, an American classified advertisements website. The pictures had gone viral on social media. After being trolled for featuring advertisements of such a weird flat, Craigslist removed it.

The well-decorated studio flat also has a minibar fridge and hot plate for cooking. The flat has a very large window. The door of the flat has been designed such a way that it can probably be converted into a dining table. In the room, the occupant can also eat on his bed or over the sink. The flat does not have any kitchen. The toilet and the bed are just a few steps apart, and in direct line of sight, without any door between them.

In the description of the advertisement, it was written that “This flat is perfect for a person who wants to live in the city at a very affordable rate, and who doesn’t need much space." The advertisement also stated that the room has been recently renovated and has porcelain floors and granite worktops.

According to Canadian government guidelines, any micro-dwelling for a single person must be at least 250 sq ft in Vancouver and bathrooms must be physically separated from the rest of the unit “to ensure privacy and isolate noise and odours”. Reportedly, Craigslist noted these guidelines and the listing has now been pulled from the website.

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first published:July 08, 2021, 19:59 IST