'Well Done Google': Anand Mahindra 'Cries' after Watching Super Bowl Ad, Twitter Relates

Video grab.
(Image credit: Google)

Video grab. (Image credit: Google)

The 'Loretta' traces the 'little help' that an old man takes from Google Assistant to not forget the 'love of his life'.

The Super Bowl is one of the most widely televised programmes, something for which various companies such as Amazon and Google pay high prices to get an advertisement slot.

Google undoubtedly used the opportunity well with its ‘Loretta’ ad. It traces the “little help” that an old man takes from Google Assistant to not forget the “love of his life”.

The video has been successful in touching hearts across the globe and the list also includes the business tycoon Anand Mahindra.

Mahindra is known to be very vocal on Twitter and has now spoken for all when he tweeted that ‘Loretta’ managed to make him cry.

He wrote that perhaps his vintage made him identify more with the ad. But he was sure that it would “strike a chord with most people”, irrespective of their age. He ended by congratulating the media giant for managing to “dive deep” into everyone’s hearts. The original video on YouTube has received over 14 million views and Mahindra’s tweet garnered 1.6K likes and 142 retweets. The tweet was filled with varied reactions.

One Twitter user thought it was the best of the Super Bowl ads.

The tagline for the ad was ‘A little help with the little things’, while the instrumental version of Say Something by ‘A Great Big World’ played in the background.

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