'What’s the Most Uncomfortable Question to Ask Anyone?' Reddit Game Sparks Amusing Replies

(Image credit: Reddit)

(Image credit: Reddit)

What is the most uncomfortable question you can ask someone?

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One Reddit user asked a simple question in a sub-reddit group made for thought provoking questions - What is the most uncomfortable question you can ask someone? This question opened up a lot of squirmy replies and awkward encounters that has left the internet buzzing.

One of the most highly popular questions was: "Where’s my hug?" This question was asked by several users under various scenarios bringing out hilarious situations.

While one comment on the thread read: "I asked my then-boyfriend this question when I was 19. He immediately looked shocked, looked over to the side, said, "Oh, there it is!" went over and hugged the air, then came back and hugged me”.

Another user wrote, "I had a coworker ask me this all of the time back when working shifts in starbucks during college. ALWAYS followed by an uncomfortable BO hug from him!"

"Oh my God I friggin hate this one. I'll hug you if I want to hug you. But no forced hugs please," wrote another.

Of the other uncomfortable questions, there was weirdness all around. One question was: "Do you have a sister by chance?”; while another was “What kind of debt are you in?"

"Have you seen our toothbrush?" made for another hit in the series. Many couples recounted how they would confuse between toothbrushes and use the same one for months.

Some of the other questions were: "Why does no one love me?"; "Are we still friends?"; "Doctor, in front of parents: Are you sexually active?"; and "Why are you so quiet?"

One of the most liked and awarded questions was "How come I wasn’t invited?" and this brought back bitter and awkward memories for a lot of people.

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