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As WhatsApp Users Migrate to Signal and Telegram, Desi Twitter Has Memes to Ease the Transition

Image for representation.

Image for representation.

The new WhatsApp Privacy Policy and Terms of Service that makes it even more clear that user data is being shared with Facebook’s other apps and services.


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You may finally be free of your WhatsApp family group forwards - by completely quitting WhatsApp.

Encrypted instant messaging app Signal is reporting a surge in new signups and new users, as WhatsApp users are migrating bases. Signal, an instant messaging app developed by the nonprofit Signal Foundation, is a rival for instant messaging apps owned by Facebook, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Some social media users have even reported that Signal had become the top drossing app on Google Playstore on Sunday.

The shift in the nation's messaging app preferences came after the new WhatsApp Privacy Policy and Terms of Service made it further clear that a majority of user data was indeed being shared with Facebook’s other apps and services.

But while WhatsApp had become part of India's everyday vocabulary, the sudden exodus to a new app may be leaving users anxious and worried. To make the shift easier, desi users on Twitter have made memes to add a dash of fun to the rather sordid affair, especially for dedicated WhatsApp users who are now jumping ship to save their data.

While a lot of what is in the new terms has already been known, WhatsApp is now spelling it out clearly that user data is and will continue to be shared with Facebook and other Facebook products as well as services. WhatsApp also says that it tracks user location data at all times, and even if you are smart enough to turn off location access for WhatsApp on your Android phone or Apple iPhone, the app still collects and logs IP addresses and phone number codes to estimate your general location—WhatsApp says this is for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Apple, after they rolled out the new Privacy Labels on the App Store for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, now mandate app developers to clearly state what user data they collect or don’t collect from users. The App Store Privacy Labels will have three sections—Data used to track you, data linked to you and data that is not linked to you. Under each section will be bullet points listing the exact specifics about the data being collected, including contact info, health and fitness data, financial info, usage data, browsing history, location data, personal identifiers and search history. With this information available at a glance, a user can potentially make a more informed decision about whether they want to download a specific app on the iPhone or iPad or Mac, without falling down the data collection and privacy blackhole that became the norm over the years.

In the subsequent revelations, it turns out that WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger collect significantly more user data in comparison with similar instant messenger apps such as Signal and Apple’s own iMessage. This includes health and fitness data, financial info, search history, user content, browsing history and location data. Signal app does not collect any user data, as per the App Store Privacy Labels.

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