Whipped, Creamy or Gel? Astronaut Records Strange Behaviour of Honey in Outer Space in Viral Video

A video of honey behaving strangely in space has been going viral | Image credit: Reddit

A video of honey behaving strangely in space has been going viral | Image credit: Reddit

The video featuring an astronaut with a honey jar in space was shared by the Canadian Space Agency a year ago and has been going viral on social media once again.

Ever wondered what happens to ordinary objects from Earth in space? Things that humans take granted on Earth can often be challenging in space, considering zero-gravity. But a video of honey in zero-gravity at a space station is reminding us of the importance of gravity in our lives.

Shared by the Canadian Space Agency, the video, astronaut David Saint-Jacques bring out his inner child as he plays around with honey in zero-gravity.

“There’s a strange behaviour of honey in Zero-G,” the astronaut says as the video begins. Then he unscrews the cap of a see-through jar with amber liquid and pulls it away. However, what comes out isn’t exactly liquid like regular honey. But it wasn't frozen either. Instead, it seemed to turn into a stretchy, soft goop.

Imagine the stretchy strings of cheese after pulling a slice out of a hot, cheesy pizza.

That’s exactly how honey behaves in space.

After showing us the consistency, Saint-Jacques leaves the jar floating in the air before putting the honey back in the har again.

The Canadian Space Agency actually shared this video a year ago on their YouTube channel. It went viral on Reddit more recently after a user shared it on the platform on November 7. It was very aptly shared with the subreddit called 'Damn that’s interesting'. Since the post, it has garnered over 39.1K upvotes.

The minimal caption says ‘honey in space’.

“Honestly. How do they get any science-ing done up there? I’d just be playing with things all the time,” wrote a user and another added, “Sciencing is just playing with things, but then writing it down.”

While some said it looks like whipped honey, others said it appeared like honey spread.

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