'Who I Blame for Covid-19': Vlogger Nas Daily Wants World to Turn Vegan, Gets Roasted on Internet

Image credits: Nas Daily / Facebook.

Image credits: Nas Daily / Facebook.

The popular vlogger recently uploaded a video titled 'Who I Blame for COVID-19...' and his fans did not hesitate to call him out on social media.

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  • Last Updated: May 18, 2020, 1:35 PM IST
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Coronavirus has put the humans on a backfoot.

With nearly 5 million persons affected by COVID-19 disease across the globe, the pandemic has started a conversation around better sanitisation practises and improved food-eating habits. The latter more as there's pretty strong evidence that bats are the origin of coronavirus and wet markets in Wuhan in China led to disease's outbreak.

Does my chicken have coronavirus? The H1N1 virus strain first originated in pigs, so can pigs now spread COVID-19 too? As a matter of fact, nothing right now is certain. Scientists are desperately testing vaccines and looking for answers to put an end to the global menace. So should one turn to vegan food or consume cleaned, processed meat till the world scientists have the Eureka! moment? Well, suggesting that would just mean privilege.

This was one of the suggestions put forward by vlogger Nas Daily aka Nuseir Yassin who has gained massive popularly over the years for his crisp, one-minute human interest videos.

This time, unfortunately, the vlogger missed the mark by a mile in a video titled "Who I Blame for COVID-19..." and his fans did not hesitate to call him out on social media.

"Some people blame China, others blame Trump. But I don't blame China or Trump. I blame us," Nas starts his 3-minute-video which went online on Sunday.

"When I look at an animal, I don't think delicious or cute. I think virus. The truth is animals have millions of viruses inside of them and each one of them can kill us. We got Ebola from a bat in Congo, MERS from a camel in Saudi Arabia, HIV from a monkey in Central Africa, H1N1 from a pig in the US and Mexico."

Nas then goes on to say that he has turned vegetarian but adds that he has no intention to stop you from eating meat before adding, For god's sake, eat clean meat."

The vlogger then compares factory farms to Wuhan's wet market, calling them equally dangerous and complicit in spreading viruses.

Citing an example of an Isreal town that has been vegan for the past 30 years, Nas puts the onus on "irresponsible" meat-eaters who are directly responsible for the said town to go under a lockdown.

His video kicked off a debate in the comments section of Facebook, where many loyal fans called Nas out for the tone-deaf nature of the video. For one, "clean" meat, vegan food are still the items of luxury -- a privilege not many in the world have.

"When no one knows the truth why does Nas say something so surely in this video.. subtle propaganda to get people to shift sides by making them feel guilty. Facts will work better but it takes great effort to find out the facts. Unfortunately, this video fails terribly on that front and is based on perception. Hence it won't make the intended change. People are smart and can see through!" wrote one user.

One user asked quipped that Nas wasn't a dietician and his video was rather misleading.

"You became vegetarian before that, and you should not advice suh a thing, eating meat and fish is important especially for development. You are not a doctor or a dietist. Meat supposed to be controlled by severe law, unfortunately, there are people in other countries that have a misconduct. Full stop. Now you should delete this video immediately !!!!"

There were, however, several who agreed with Nas' point of view.

"I agree about the factory farms being an unhealthy environment for the animals and should be stopped. It is cruel and inhumane to keep animals in such atrocious conditions. I didn't hear Nas saying we should all become vegans I heard him say that we should only eat meat if the animals have been tested in a healthy and sustainable way," commented one.

"Show some respect for someone who actually cares about your health and well being. He is making his own decisions based on the history of viruses that have affected the human race in the past. It happened and it will again. Make some small changes and care for yourself. You can only benefit from it," chimed in another.

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