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Who is 'Kidz Bop Karen'? Woman's Bizarre Rant at Being Cut Off While Driving Goes Viral

Who is 'Kidz Bop Karen'? Woman's Bizarre Rant at Being Cut Off While Driving Goes Viral

'The children are listening to Kidz Bop'

In what is being dubbed as one of the most bizarre incidents of road rage, a woman who the internet has labelled "Kidz Bop Karen" has been going viral for her brutal meltdown after being cut off by a Lyft driver.

The woman, whose real name remains confirmed, was driving with her kids on the West Side Highway in New York City when she was cut off by another driver. The latter, a Lyft driver, was carrying a woman passenger in the backseat.

When the car cut Karen's car off, the infuriated woman gesticulated angrily through the window, flipping off both the driver and the passenger. However, she had a chance to make it personal when both the cars pulled up at the traffic stop.

Alighting her own car and walking over to the Lyft, Karen loses her patience and unleashes a string of abuses on the driver and passenger. Not knowing how the situation would escalate, the Lyft passenger decided to film the entire rant.

Karen makes scary and bizarre faces while seemingly pawing in air during her rant. She also taunted the passenger for asking her to "calm down", which seemed to infuriate her further.

However, the most memorable moment of the video came toward the end when the passenger tried t tell Karenthat her kids could hear their mom say "bitch" and hurl abuses. Karen's response? The belligerent mom said her kids (sitting in the car beside) could not hear her as they were listening to Kidz Bop.

For the unaware, Kidz Bop is a compiled album of children's songs sung by children.

The video has gone viral on Twitter with many making memes and jokes about "Kidz Bop Karen".

Some people even made memes about the alleged reaction of her kids inside the car, listening to Kidz Bop while their mom swore on the highway.

The video was also mashed with popular songs such as the Taylor Swift number "You Need To Calm Down" which also went viral.

But how did the internet come up with her name? According to netizens, she just "looked like a Karen".

The viral video has also in a way raised a conversation about white privilege in the US with many claiming that the only reason why "Karen" had so much impunity to walk up to others and misbehave in the middle of the road was due to her white privilege.

In an interview to TMZ, "Karen" who did not reveal her real name, apologised for the incident and admitted that white privilege may indeed have been one of the reasons that encouraged her to behave the way she did. She even apologised to the driver and the passenger and said that she had been fine with the viral trolling. The mom, however, hoped people would stop calling her "a Republican" after the incident.

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