Woman Discovers the 'Soap' She Used to Wash Her Hands for Days is a Block of Cheese

Cheese soap / Reddit user (u/lionellrichie)

Cheese soap / Reddit user (u/lionellrichie)

Reddit user Miley posted a picture of her holding a block of ‘soap’ and wrote that her weapon against the viral pandemic was nothing but cheese.

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Coronavirus has seen people going back to the basics of washing their hands properly and maintaining hygiene etiquettes. Now a Reddit user Miley from Vancouver, Canada, had been following the same and was very vigilant with washing her hands with a yellow ‘bar of soap’ religiously.

However, she soon found out it was no soap at all.

Miley posted a picture of her holding the infamous ‘soap’ on Reddit and wrote that her weapon against the viral pandemic was, wait for it was a "block of cheese”.

Explaining the predicament, Miley wrote in the thread that apart from using liquid soap for dishes, she kept a hard, unscented one for her hands. But alcohol consumption might have played a part in keeping the piece of “Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese”.

For several days after the drunken accident, she did not realize the amiss but found the soap weird for not “foaming”. After being shared, the post has racked up more than 7.6K upvotes and received over 200 comments.

The comments section became a playground for cheese puns.

While Reddit user commented, “have we been eating Mac & Soap the entire week??” referring to the famous Mac and Cheese combo.

Another said it was important to follow the CDC hand washing guidelines, the first step of which was to “get a good cheddary lather going”.

Taking the chain further, another user wrote that it was no wonder the bathroom walls had “freckles”.

As another user summed it up, “It ain't easy being cheesy”.

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