Woman Gets Back Her Stolen Teddy Bear That Had Her Mother's Last Message, Internet is Elated

A woman has been reunited with the teddy bear that contains her mother's last message. Credits: Twitter

A woman has been reunited with the teddy bear that contains her mother's last message. Credits: Twitter

Mara Soriano took to Twitter to share the happy news that she got back her teddy bear and the netizens couldn't stop celebrating with her.

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  • Last Updated: July 30, 2020, 4:59 PM IST
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All is well that ends well and that is what happened with Mara Soriano. She was devastated after her teddy bear with her mother's last message was stolen. But she has got it back, all thanks to the good world of Internet.

Few days back, the tweet by Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool gained people’s attention as he requested people to help Soriano get back her teddy bear. He promised to reward $5,000 to anyone who returns the toy.

According to a report published in CBC, Mara Soriano said that the custom-made teddy was stolen from her on July 24 while she was shifting to her new house.

The bag in which the teddy was kept also had other valuable items like an iPad, a book of blank cheques, her citizenship card, her and her fiance's passports and social insurance cards, etc. However, she has mentioned that she was not concerned about other items. All she wanted was her teddy.

The audio message stored in the teddy is a final message from her mother, Marilyn Soriano. Fifty three-year-old Marilyn died of cancer in June last year.

Soriano took to Twitter to announce the positive news she'd got her teddy bear back. The post has an image of Sarino carrying the teddy bear and her beaming smile conveys how much the teddy means to her.

Ryan Reynolds also retweeted her post with a happy caption. “In happier news... thank you, everyone, who searched high and low. To the person who took the bear, thanks for keeping it safe. Vancouver is awesome,” he tweeted.

People couldn't resist this emotional reunion and filled the post with lots of comments. Have a look:

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