Woman Goes into Labour While Taking Exam, Finishes Test After Giving Birth to Son

Representative image.

Representative image.

A woman in Illinois, United States went into labour and gave birth to a son while giving her bar exam.


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A woman in Illinois, United States went into labour and gave birth to a son while giving her bar exam.

Loyola University Chicago law school graduate Brianna Hill had originally planned to give her bar exam in July this year. But owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the exam was delayed to October. Hill knew that she would be in her final trimester during the exam but did not realise that she would actually have the baby while giving the exam.

The bar exam was slated for October 5 and all precautions had been taken for students who would be writing the exam. But within moments of her starting, Hill went into labour. She did not really realise it initially. When she finished the first section of the exam, she stood up to realise her water had broken. Panicking, she called her husband, her mother and her midwife and then sat down for the second section.

Hill told NBC Chicago that going into labour actually helped with the test because it put things into perspective and calmed her nerves. She managed to complete the essay section of her exam before finally heading to the hospital in the evening. Around five hours later, her son was born.

However, she still had the second day of the exams left to complete. She was allowed to take the test in an empty room in the hospital where she nursed her son in between breaks.

She later thanked her support system in an interview with CNN where she said that everyone around her was committed to helping her becoming both a mother and a lawyer.

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