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Watch: Woman in Shock as Leaping Deer Kicks Her in Head at Gas Station

Video grab.

Video grab. (Facebook)

The video shows the deer jumping over her head and kicking her in the process while she is seen standing in shock for a few seconds.

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A bizarre incident from the US is keeping social media laughing and wondering at the same time. A video has surfaced online, where a woman in Georgia was left terrified on her regular trip to the gas station as a deer leapt over her, kicking her head while doing so. The woman, Lynda Tennent posted the video of the incident on Facebook.

The incident occurred last Wednesday when Tennent was pumping gas in Brunswick on her way to work. The video shows the deer jumping over her head and kicking her in the process. Tennent is seen standing in shock for a few seconds and covering her head after the deer vaults over her.

"Nobody's going to believe this but a deer hit me coming to work today," wrote Tennent while sharing the short video on Facebook.

Tennent initially thought that she was being robbed. "I thought I was being robbed," she told to News4Jax. "I reached up and grabbed my head... I thought I was bleeding."

Soon after the video went viral, people started commenting on it with many asking Tennent if she was injured in the incident. "I am okay" she wrote in the caption. "I'm just thankful he jumped over me and hit me and not just run into me or cut me," she mentioned in the comments section.

Tennent also wrote on the comments section of the video that she did not know what prompted the apparently-unmotivated attack. "I don't know what I did but I promise you I won't do it again," she said.

Tennent went inside the gas station to make sure that she was fine. An employee later sent her the security camera footage of the incident which she shared on Facebook.

Since being shared, the video has been viewed over 23 thousand times.

Despite the deer attack, Tennent was still in good spirits. "You know the funny thing? I was just worried I was going to be late for work," she told News4Jax.

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