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Woman Lets Workers Carry on With Renovation After They Arrive at 'Wrong House'

Image for representation, Credits: Reuters

Image for representation, Credits: Reuters

A TikToker has shared a building blunder after workers turned up at her house by mistake for renovation. she decided to let them continue with the work.

Getting the wrong mail at your address because of a goof-up is a very common thing but have you heard of an accidental house renovation because of an address mix up? Sounds bizarre, right?. Wait till you hear this story of TikToker user, who shared her experience in a series of videos. What is more baffling is that she claimed to know that the workers were at the wrong address but decided not to inform them and let them renovate her house. Sharing the story of this unexpected house renovation encounter, Chloe Fountainn narrates that she was relaxing at her home when workmen showed up at her house with a huge truck filled with rocks. While you would have expected her to go to stop the unplanned renovation, Chloe said nothing and allowed these men to go on with their work.

She sat behind her door and watched these men rip up the decking to give it a new look. While she had no idea of what was going to happen, she looked excited about the surprise, Mirror Reported.

She says that she is not going to stop them before they complete their work as she wants to see what they are constructing. Chloe adds that she would love to get “free concrete or deck, whatever they were building."

Chloe experience of the accidental renovation got a lot of attention online and people dropped their reaction to her videos. Most of the users thought that this story posted by Chloe was a lie and she had done to get attention online. Meanwhile, some of the users believed that she should have informed the construction workers before and now not paying up after the renovation would amount to theft.


However, Chloe also posted her clarification in the comments and said that she is happily going to pay for the renovation as she wanted a new deck for the house anyway.

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first published:July 06, 2021, 17:55 IST