Woman Stitches Sherwani for Her Cat in This Adorable Viral Image. Twitter is in Awe

Sherwani clad cat.
(Credit: Twitter/ @kofeewithsunny)

Sherwani clad cat. (Credit: Twitter/ @kofeewithsunny)

A sherwani clad cat made heads turns as soon as her photo was posted on the social networking site.

Pet clothing should not be a surprise for anyone. After all, it’s a proper industry and there are even pet clothes’ designers. However, one dressed up cat has become a viral fashion sensation on Twitter.

A sherwani clad cat made heads turns as soon as her photo was posted on the social networking site. The user, Saniya, shared her Bengal cat named Leo’s new attire which was hand-sewn by her mother.

The woman used old suits of her son to make this dashing golden sherwani for her kitty. Now he is ready to attend any family wedding.

Captioned “MY MOM STITCHED A SHERWANI FOR THE CAT WHAT,” the cute kitty image has over 24,000 likes.

When a user asked what was the occasion, she replied it was probably her mother’s plans for her wedding.

Another user commented that this image looked more picturesque.

Thanks to the tweet, the family now has new avenues to earn some extra cash as other pet parents wasn’t something special for their kitties.

Others found some modelling potential in the kitty and requested more photographs of Leo.

As this user rightly assumed, the cat does look like a royal straight out a fantasy story about kings and queens.

Yes, a good pun just makes this image a thousand times better.

Many people believed this kitty to be the most royal looking animal ever.

Some observed how this was a common theme.

However, soon as the tweet blew up, a user called ‘ur local Hyderabadi grandma’ tweeted this.

Initially, everyone believed this was the original tweeter’s mother.

The two even seemed to engage in some fun banter about the ‘daughter’s’ wedding plans and furthered the speculation that they were indeed mother and daughter. As evidenced by this tweet specifically.

However, turns out it was inside joke between Saniya and her friend Hammad.

As soon as the viral story was picked up, people assumed they were in fact mother and daughter which Saniya found hilarious.

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