Woman Transforms Sling Bag into Backpack in Dramatic Video, Life Hack Leaves Netizens Amazed

'It's a backpack' | Image credit: Reddit

'It's a backpack' | Image credit: Reddit

'It's a backpack', the woman says as she transforms a regular purse with a long strap into a trendy backpack in viral video.

Have a strappy bag that you wish was a backpack instead? This viral hack will teach you how to make that happen.

Backpacks became a rage is among women's fashion accessories in recent years. The cute, strappy, and easy to carry bags are not not just stylish but also handy. And now, a beauty vlogger is teaching thousands how to transform a boring bag with a long strap into a slingback backpack.

The Tik-Tok video was recently shared on a subreddit called Damnthatsinteresting, a place for all the things that can make a person go, “damn, that’s interesting.” Clear and concise. In this ‘damn interesting’ video, a woman stands in her room feigning shock. “Look at what I saw in here,” she says. She then goes on to urge the ladies to go grab a purse. She herself picks up a messenger bag with long straps.

Then she wears it around her neck like a garland. A couple of moves later, she grabs the purse from under her arm and throws it backwards, over her head. And the result is dramatic: the bag has been transformed.

“It’s a backpack now,” she says, repeating it several times to stress on her amazing "invention".

"If you don’t want it as a backpack," she says then hangs it back on her shoulder like a regular shoulder bag, “boom, back to a regular purse.”

The viral hack, combined with the woman's dramatic expressions and delivery, has earned the video 79,000 upvotes since being shared. “I was really concerned that she was going to have that backpack on for the rest of her life. I was so relieved it turned back into a purse and she was okay,” a Redditor wrote. Someone else called the video an "emotional rollercoaster," while another said he hadn’t laughed so much in quite some time.

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