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In Meme-orium: Throwback to the Best Memes That Made World Cup 2019 a Hilarious Ride


Last Updated: July 14, 2019, 14:57 IST

In Meme-orium: Throwback to the Best Memes That Made World Cup 2019 a Hilarious Ride

As the ICC World Cup 2019 draws to an official end, here's a look at some of the best memes that the tournament left behind.

Another edition of the ICC World Cup will draw to a close on Sunday when England takes on New Zealand at the Mecca of Cricket, the Lord's, but not without leaving behind a trail of memories that are going to be cherished by fans for a long time to come. This adventurous rigmarole of the tournament would've admittedly been incomplete had it not been for the memes that kept pouring in at every step.

So, here's a compilation of some the best meme-worthy moments of this year’s world cup, here’s a detailed compilation, lest they fade away into oblivion:

12. Pakistan Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed’s Dive Catch

Sarfaraz Ahmed managed to silence the critics for once, after taking a magnificent catch during their match against New Zealand in Birmingham. However, his epic catch also invited hordes of memes on him once again:

11. When Virat Kohli pleaded with folded hands to umpire over DRS call

Afghanistan gave a massive scare to India during the match in Southampton. With 6/0 on the scoreboard, Shami gave a glimmer of hope to Indian fans when he trapped the dangerous Hazratullah Zazai in front of the wickets.

The on-field umpire did not raise his finger and this was when Kohli went upstairs and asked for the third umpire's intervention. The Indian captain argued with the umpire for a brief moment over the DRS rule before folding his hands and pleading with the official over the rule. Unsurprisingly, his range of emotions struck a chord with desi fans on the microblogging site and funny people on Twitter soon turned the animated character into a relatable meme.

10. Viral ‘Burger Pizzey’ Rant of Pakistani Fan

The best thing to come out of this ICC World Cup is Pakistan fan Momin Saqib’s rant while expressing his sheer disappointment on Pakistan's loss against India during the ICC World Cup 2019. Momin could be heard saying how Pakistani cricketers are not concerned about their fitness and eat junk food like pizza and burger.

9. Jasprit Bumrah's Hunger For Wickets in World Cup

"Nothing to fear when Bumrah is here." At 25, Indian bowling attack's main man Jasprit Bumrah has cemented a place in the squad and the hearts of every death-bowling lover of the sport.

Currently ranked no.1 in ODI, Bumrah once again lived up to the hype and his reputation when Bangladesh's Mohammad Saifuddin's fancied his chances to push the Tigers across the finishing line, chasing India's 315. Bumrah finished with 4 for 55 in his 10 and by the end of it, Bumrah’s hunger for wickets became a meme you did not know you needed:

8. Anushka Sharma’s Funny Expressions

Anushka joined Virat in England at the ongoing cricket world cup and was seen cheering him in the crowd during India’s clash gainst Sri Lanka in Headingley

Pictures and videos of the same are all over the Internet. As soon as she noticed that the camera was focussed upon her, she instantly shifted her gaze at it while looking straight into it from behind her tilted sunglasses.

Anushka's hilarious expressions have inspired several memes on Twitter.

7. Pakistan’s Meme Misery After 1992 World Cup Similarities Ended

When New Zealand was defeated with a massive margin of 119 by England in a match that remarkably lacked of any kind of suspense, it was Pakistan that suffered the biggest blow – of crashing out of the World Cup.

With that, all the hype and excitement around Pakistan’s eerie symmetry with their 1992 World Cup campaign, which ended in victory – was permanently put to rest.

With no other option at hand, Pakistanis busied themselves by sharing grief online through memes and more memes. The results as expected, have been hilarious:

6. When Chahal Was Caught ‘Chilling’ on the Boundary Rope

When India brushed aside Sri Lanka in their last league fixture of the World Cup in Leeds, they did it almost dismissively and with a marked air of confidence. Indian bowler Yuzvendra Chahal personified relaxation in the best possible way, as he snoozed on the barrier on the edge of the field. His laid-back look and relaxed posture soon turned into fodder for hilarious memes.

5. Sanjay Manjrekar

If there is one thing that has been constant unlike the balmy English weather this World Cup, it’s the acute trolling that cricketer-turned-commentator was subjected to for his controversial statements on the mic. All of this truly peaked when his ‘banter’ with Michael Vaughn over Manjrekar calling Ravindra Jadeja a “bits and pieces cricketer” culminated into him blocking Vaugh on Twitter. The England cricketer used the famous ‘Chahal chilling meme’ to ask Manjrekar to unblock him on Twitter, and Indians online can’t get enough of it.

4. Rain memes

Rain has been a major bummer in the World Cup, with multiple matches being cancelled due to incessant downpour. Needless to say, it has been a disappointment for fans across the world who have been waiting for the tournament for 4 years. Now we all know the best way to get over this disappointment is to make memes and that's exactly what the Twitterati did.

3. The Case of Slow Dhoni and Dot Balls This World Cup

Throughout the tournament, India’s former team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been criticised by fans and enthusiasts for toppling the team’s middle order by putting forth weak performances one after the other. Dhoni’s slow pace and excruciatingly damp batting during India’s clash against Bangladesh in particular, that had far too many dot balls than fans could’ve endured, eventually turned into a fodder for memes and he has been trolled brutally ever since:

2. When Pakistan Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed Yawned During a Match Against India

During the titanic India vs Pakistan match, which was loudly billed as the most watched game in the history, Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed was caught on the wrong foot and he was seen yawning on camera. When you have a million of eyeballs glued to every second of the game, a joke at the expense of the Pak captain was obviously going to be the Road Always Taken. Soon enough, the iconic yawn or better said, the meme magnet was immortalised by Indian fans on Twitter.

1. When an angry Pakistan fan from the audience turned into Meme & Meme Merchandise

Saving the best for the last. An angry Pakistani fan’s expression of disappointment at Pakistan's batting against Australia turned into one of the most troll worthy things from this year’s tournament. Akhtar's reaction was captured by TV cameras while he was watching the match between Pakistan and Australia at Taunton. He told an ICC commentator that he was disappointed by a dropped catch in the field, which prompted the reaction.

During the match between Pakistan and New Zealand on Wednesday, many Pakistani fans were spotted wearing T-shirts that featured Akhtar's face.