World Tourism Day 2020: How Lockdown Didn't Stop Wanderlusts Stuck at Home from Travelling

World Tourism Day 2020 /  Musical Drive.

World Tourism Day 2020 / Musical Drive.

This World Tourism Day, explore the different corners of Earth all while sitting at home.

World Tourism Day is celebrated to raise awareness on the importance of tourism in the social, cultural, political and economic aspects of any region. It has been observed on 27 September since 1980, however, this year, the celebration will be a bit different.

With the novel coronavirus rendering the whole world into lockdown mode, recreational as well as work-related travel came to a sudden halt. This not only carried a big jolt to the tourism industry but also harmed the mental balance of individuals who were forced to stay at their homes.

Hence, this World Tourism Day, we should have the best of both worlds by exploring these options where people can travel while sitting at home.

Musical Drive

This website is a blessing sans disguise! It provides a virtual first-person experience of driving a car in some major cities in India. You can open up the website and enjoy cruising through the traffic, besides popular landmarks of Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai or Pune. The website lets you experience the feeling of being in the driver seat of a car and has relevant audio support to enhance the experience.

The app has been created by a 19-year-old engineering student, Khushil Shah and it features 22 Indian cities.

View from my window

This Facebook group is working wonders in bringing people together virtually. We all have different views out of our window. For some it is a serene lake, for others, it is a high rise building. For many months, this view became the only source of the outside world for all of use. So the importance of the view is unparalleled. What the group proposes is that the members post a single picture taken from their windows. Every day, the cover photo of the group will be changed, taken from the pile of pictures posted by global members.

The project "View from my window", which was launched by Barbara Duriau on the 22 March, is a non-profit group, with the collaboration of volunteers.

Flights to nowhere

In this initiative, people can enjoy the scenic views of flying in an aeroplane, without really going anywhere.

The airlines have suffered a great loss in revenue with national and international flying coming to a halt. Now airlines are offering flights to nowhere that depart from an airport and land on the same airport. Taiwanese carrier Starlux has already conducted several flights while Australia’s Qantas just launched its own scenic flight program.

As Singapore does not have a domestic flight system, the country’s airline is also expected to launch the initiative soon. Air India is also reportedly going to launch such planes soon.

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