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World Tourism Day: This Couple Quit Their Jobs To Take Up Travel For A Living

World Tourism Day: This Couple Quit Their Jobs To Take Up Travel For A Living

They travel 365 days of the year and what's most important is that nobody funds them. They have travelled over 500 cities in 65 countries.


"Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport".

Vidit Taneja and Savi Munjal, who shuttle between New Delhi and London — their two homes — are making this a reality. The couple's most memorable moments are probably from their passports which have multiple visas stamped in it. The duo love exploring new places and have visited over 500 cities in 65 countries. So crazy they are about travelling that they have quit their jobs to take it up as a living.

Well, these are two really crazy people totally in love with their nomadic lifestyle. They live to travel and travel to live.

"Our journey isn't just about new countries, it's about meeting new people, garnering tens of thousands of experiences, and living every moment, saturated with colour and happiness. It's about celebrating the little things that people seem to have forgotten - stars, flowers, poetry, good vibes and perhaps, most importantly, freedom. It's about chasing our happiness and living every second without regrets," said Vidit and Savi to News18.

They travel all 365 days of the year, and what's most important, nobody funds them. Yes, you heard that right, they have got no sponsors. The two spend all their hard-earned money on exploring amazing places around the world, a dream many of us would love to live.

And what's even more mind-boggling is that the earn on the go! Wondering how they travel and make money at the same time? We were wondering too.

So, we asked them a few questions and here's what they said:

How do you earn and pursue your passion for travelling at the same time?

"We work as a travel photographer and travel writer duo to sustain ourselves while we are on the road. Our articles and photos are published in a number of renowned magazines, newspapers, and online portals including BBC Good Food Magazine, National Geographic Traveller, and The Huffington Post. We've also appeared in a TV show on Discovery Channel and TLC Asia. In addition to this we have longstanding relationships with brands, who occasionally host us while we travel. And some of the ways in which we earn money includes travel writing, travel and fashion photography, working with tourism boards, public appearances, public speaking, television appearances and display advertisements on our website".

Isn't this just too much?!

But all that they earn through their effort and hard-work goes back into financing future travels. What a life!

What did you before travelling became a vital part of your lives?

For 7 years while travelling, Vidit worked as a business analyst at University College London and I (Savi) worked as an academician of English Literature based in London. We quit our jobs because we had always wanted to go on a round-the-world tour and what better time than now to do it. Both of us call this our staggered retirement plan - we had been working hard, earning, and saving for over 10 years now. The time had come to put those savings to good use.

What made you take up travelling so extensively?

After a few short trips to France, Germany, and Belgium which we thoroughly enjoyed, we promised ourselves we'd visit at least one new place every month. As all our friends were saving money or buying property, we continued to spend our hard-earned money on travel. In 2015, we quit our jobs to become full-time travel bloggers. We call this our staggered retirement plan - we had been working hard, earning, and saving for over 10 years now. The time had come to put those savings to good use.

For most people, those savings go straight to the mighty pension fund. But who knows where or how we will be at 65! So we wanted to enjoy the fruits of our labour while we still can.

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Do you do it for a living? Or Fun? Or Both?

Both. We travel for fun but it's now also become our means of living. We love experiencing new cultures, trying new foods, and making friends across the globe. We've consciously chosen to opt for this job - which pays less than our corporate jobs in London but gives us flexibility of movement. Living each moment without regrets is our priority, so we try and follow our hearts as much as we can.

Where all have you been?

We have been to over 500 cities in 65 countries. We've explored almost all countries in Europe and Asia. We love exploring a country in our own unique way - you'll find us meandering down forgotten alleys, spending hours in crumbling buildings, or days trying to find the perfectly-baked croissant. We have a soft spot for offbeat and romantic travel, luxury accommodation, local experiences and culture, and fine dining.

If you could share some your most memorable travel experiences

Our most memorable travel experience include sleeping in an igloo and watching the Northern Lights on the Arctic Circle, camping in the desolate salt deserts of Bolivia, snorkelling off the tiny islands of Fiji, exploring the remote areas of Ladakh, meeting locals, and hearing their stories, driving over 3500 kms in New Zealand,and living in Bali and Indonesia.

You run a travel blog - Bruised Passport - how did that come up?

We travelled a bit in South East Asia between 2004 and 2008 but we started travelling extensively when we moved to the UK in 2008. By 2013, we had already visited 45 countries, so we had a vast library of photos and stories from our travels. Our friends kept persuading us to start a blog to share our tips on travelling the world.

Finally, in 2013, we started a blog called Bruised Passports to chronicle our travels. We penned every single detail of our trips in succint articles on our blog so we could help others out there planning their own trip to a new country. It was hard to maintain a website and various social media channels along with full-time jobs but our passion saw us through.

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You travel so extensively, how do you devote time to your blog or does somebody help you with it? We work full time on Bruised Passports. Contrary to popular perception, full time travel-blogging is an extremely demanding job. However it gives us the luxury of working from anywhere in the world. We spend over 10 hours every day penning detailed destination guides, clicking high-quality photographs, curating destinations, answering all our readers' queries and responding to every comment on social media. It is time-consuming but we love every bit of it because we are passionate about travelling, writing, and sharing our experiences. Today Bruised Passports is read by over 1 million people every year and we have a virtual family of readers whom we seem to meet every where we go. We couldn't have loved our job more if we tried.

What's next?

We spent most of 2016 in Australia and South East Asia. Now we're in India, exploring Ladakh, something that's been on our wishlist for ages. After this, we hope to explore North and Central America for 5-6 months. We all wish for a life that lets us breathe freely, give us that much-needed freedom and let us live each moment. Most of us fail to make it. But this couple who have given a whole new meaning to travel are really an inspiration.

You can see some of the amazing experiences that the couple have shared on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Here we bring you some of their most memorable time on the journey.

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first published:June 24, 2016, 11:48 IST