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'Yeet': Gen-Z is Turning Random Sentences Into Inspirational Quotes on Instagram

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Last Updated: April 05, 2021, 11:27 IST

Image credits: Instagram.

Image credits: Instagram.

The inspirational quote trend can be found on Instagram's reels and is set to the tune of Vanessa Carlton's 'A Thousand Miles.'

Ever had someone say something to you that you wanted to turn into an inspirational quote? And we don’t mean the ‘Live, Love, Laugh’ variant. It’s when your friend gives you some profound advice, and you think “Wow, I should write this down.” Instagram’s latest reels trend is a take on just that – with a tiny twist. It takes sentences people in your life have said, ranging from anything mean to funny to bland in some cases, dark humour, and turning them into Pintrest-style quote cards with aesthetic backgrounds. Some sentences range from single words like “okay” and “just breathe” to actual advice like “Don’t do it,” and “yeet.”

The inspirational quote trend can be found on Instagram’s reels and is set to the tune of Vanessa Carlton’s ‘A Thousand Miles.’ Here’s looking at some of the top trending reels. Warning: Some Gen-Z humour ahead.

But sometimes, the reality of our lives are that these inspirational quotes also sometimes looks like this.

Instagram has also rolled out a new feature dubbed ‘Remix’ to enable Reels-creators to make their content more ‘engaging.’ The Remix within Instagram Reels is similar to TikTok’s Duets feature that effectively lets users interact with other clips on the platform – allowing them to create new versions or adding new angles to the original upload.

It essentially enables creators to record their version alongside another video that can be their past recording or content by another user. When the creator uses Remix with an existing video, the other user receives a notification. In a statement, the Facebook-owned platform says users can now add “collaborative magic” to Reels and let them engage with trends, songs and other users. The feature will be particularly useful for content creators in India who enjoyed the feature on TikTok. The Indian government has banned TikTok over security concerns.

Since the launch of Instagram Reels last year, the social media company has added a slew of features to make it more engaging. Instagram also changed the placement of the Reels page to make it more accessible among users. Reels is also said to get the shopping button, similar to the one on IGTV. Recently, Instagram rolled out the Reels option on Instagram Lite – the toned-down version of the original app. However, Lite users can only view clips and not record them.

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first published:April 05, 2021, 11:25 IST
last updated:April 05, 2021, 11:27 IST