Yoga Day 2020: Never Tried Yoga Before? That's Okay, Here's How You Can Start

Image for representation. Credits: PTI.

Image for representation. Credits: PTI.

Beginning and maintaining any new activity is easier said than done unless one begins with real-time application.

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While most people express a wish of incorporating yoga in our everyday routine, the phenomenon of putting it into practice can be challenging. Beginning and maintaining any new activity is easier said than done unless one begins with real-time application.

There's no denying that yoga helps to battle anxiety, improve concentration levels and enhance overall cognitive health. It releases endorphins and also has brain-boosting effects. It could feel difficult as a beginner but you might want to hang on once you start experiencing the benefits of the ancient practice with consistency and persistence. The best thing about yoga is that you don’t have to be a professional yoga practitioner or yogini, you can begin with it regardless if you are young or old, overweight or fit, yoga is for everyone.

You may turn to these feasible tips before you turn your back to the idea of starting yoga. You never know, it can help you in the extended run and you stick around for longer than you expected early-on.

Begin with short sittings

If you're new to the world of yoga, you don't have to plunge into an hour-long session right from the first day. Starting small is truly a better idea if you want to include yoga into your regular routine. The vital in building a new practice is consistency and nurturing a balanced practice. Make a commitment of a few times in a week and a few minutes every day to begin with.

Plug-in yoga

Find a time of day and try to fix a small section every day where you can begin to establish your routine and get in the zone with minimal distraction. Setting a timer and also shutting your phone off is highly recommended so you can be alone for a while and use the time judiciously.

Begin with a moderate style of yoga

It’s probably best to begin with a practice that's a little compassionate with newbies. Gentle yoga asanas such as Nidra and a vinyasa will provide recreation extending some relaxing techniques at the same time.

Don't Expect Perfection

Yes, it is intimidating when we come across a yoga instructor move through a yoga flow with seamless ease. However, you must understand and accept, it takes time to cultivate mindfulness while you work on stretching and poses.

Don’t wait to lose weight to begin

You can probably gain some flexibility and composure once you are in the practice of regular yoga. People of diverse shapes and sizes attend sessions not with the objective of losing weight.

If weight loss happens to be one of your goals, restorative yoga might help. It has actually proved supporting in weight loss as when the body relaxes, it is able to process food more efficiently.

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