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Joe Biden Trolled for Very Specific Cheat Sheet Directing Every Move in Meeting

By: Buzz Staff


Last Updated: June 24, 2022, 10:45 IST

Joe Biden's cheat sheet told him how to act. (Photo: @bennyjohnson)

Joe Biden's cheat sheet told him how to act. (Photo: @bennyjohnson)

American President Joe Biden's cheat sheet has caused him much embarrassment on the internet.

American president Joe Biden is in news again for a very specific cheat sheet he held in his hand at a meeting. The sheet, which was prepared by his staff to instruct him how to go about the meeting, said: “YOU take YOUR seat.” The photo was reportedly taken by a photographer present in the meeting and it was shared on Twitter by a journalist. Netizens were stunned by the embarrassingly detailed cheat sheet that included directions like “YOU thank participants” and “YOU depart.” Have a look at the sheet:

“Next time someone tries to tell you Joe Biden isn’t a geriatric nursing home patient trapped in the White House, show them this.
He needs a notecard with step by step directions telling him what to do, including “YOU take YOUR seat”. This is beyond embarrassing.”

“Better version.”

“Way beyond embarrassment. This is truly disturbing.”

“God help us!!!”

“This is pathetic. Doesn’t matter if he’s Republican or Democrat – when a president is treated like a 1st Grader because his mind is mush – its time to remove.”

“Oh man… We are not a serious country.”

“Truly sad for our country!”

However, a few said that such kind of cheat sheets are normal in such meetings.

“Why?? They’re called staging notes. Standard practice for meetings..nothing to see here…and he’s literally done nothing to have the 25th gone for. Geez.”

“All politicians get that notice even celebrity’s have their names on their seats in interviews even when they are the only one being interviewed. It’s just detailed planning.”

Joe Biden was in the news a few days ago when he fell off his bike. The incident happened at a beach in Delaware. He can be seen stopping the bicycle at a junction amid much cheering and then falling down while the bike is stationary. It appears that his shoes got entangled in the spokes of the cycle and he lost his balance.

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first published:June 24, 2022, 10:45 IST
last updated:June 24, 2022, 10:45 IST