Music Icon Ilaiyaraaja Cameos in YouTuber Casey Neistat's Vlog and Thalaiva Fans Can't Keep Calm

Screengrab from video uploaded by Casey Neistat on YouTube.

Screengrab from video uploaded by Casey Neistat on YouTube.

Popular YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat used a snippet from Indian music maestro Ilaiyaraaja's composed work in 1986's 'Punnagai Mannan' as background music in his video and Indians can't keep calm.


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"Any Tamil people here?" read a comment on Casey Neistat's recent vlog on YouTube because the perfect crossover does exist.

It's been a week since popular YouTuber, vlogger, and filmmaker Casey Neistat got back to the daily vlogging and his fans couldn't have asked for more.

After vacationing with family, Neistat returned to his home back in Los Angeles where he shot his recent vlog titled "it's an addiction and it's real" in which he spoke about Netflix's latest rage The Social Dilemma and why it's scary and everyone should watch it.

The film, directed by Jeff Orlowski, aims to explain how Silicon Valley’s embrace of smartphones, attention-grabbing algorithms, polarizing echo chambers and pursuit of profit have left users reeling in a way that could pose an existential threat to U.S. democracy.

Admitting that he too is addicted to social media and stays glued to his smartphone every so often, Neistat went surfing at the Venice beach.

During this segment, the vlogger used a snippet from Indian music maestro Ilaiyaraaja's composed work in 1986's Punnagai Mannan as background music in his video. The Tamil romantic drama starred Kamal Haasan and Revathi in the lead roles.

The tune instantly rang a bell among Thalaiva fans from India who were over the moon that their favourite YouTuber had featured Ilaiyaraaja's work.

"That tone at 3:36 ❤️

Ilayaraja sir"

"What seriously casey used a Tamil theme music. From ilayaraja at 03.35 ! Watching it 1.34am and I can’t sleep with this sweet surprise ! Thanks Casey♥️"

"Casey, that music bit from 3:36 - 3:42 is very much like the “Theme Music” of the 1986 Tamil film, “Punnagai Mannan” composed by a Ilayaraja. Check it out! He is known for his evergreen classics and stringent copyright enforcements!"

"Punnagai Mannan theme at 3:35 and again from 4:14. Any Tamil people here ?"

"Okay Ilayaraja music in a Casey Neistat vlog

What weird age am I living in?"

Here's the OG version in case you are wondering:

Neistat, a content creator from America, has over the years, built a reputation for his impeccable camera work, cinematography and scenic drone shots all while being reckless and staying raw -- giving his fans ample reasons to tune back to his videos regularly.

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