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YouTuber Karl Rock Asked 11-Year-Old Pakistani Boy About India. His Response Will Make You Smile

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Last Updated: January 08, 2021, 08:58 IST

Image credits: YouTube/Karl Rock.

Image credits: YouTube/Karl Rock.

Karl Rock is currently touring Pakistan, and posting regular vlogs from it.

YouTuber Karl Rock who is famous for his travel blog and content based in India and South-East Asia, is currently in Pakistan.

Rock is travelling across what he called “pre-partitioned India" is meeting several of his fans and subscribers in the process. In one such interaction, Rock met an 11-year-old Pakistani boy.

Rock met Zakiyas or ‘Zack’ at Lahore, at a roadside food stall. Zack and his father treat Rock to a meal of Hareesa, and as Rock vlogs, he ends up talking to Zack about the Pakistani experience and cuisine.

They also touch upon a more common topic: India. Rock is currently based in India and is married to an Indian woman, and when he asks Zack about India, the boy responds that he has some friends there. He also mentions that his father visited India a couple of times, the last one being six years ago when he went to Amritsar.

Rock also asks the boy what he thinks of India, the boy says “There are good and bad people everywhere. So we cannot judge anyone." Won over by the respond, Rock says “Haan, saahi baat hai." (Yes, that is correct.)

Rock also mentions that in the time he has been in Pakistan, he has met several people who have visited India, whether for tourism, conferences or to meet family. He mentions that it’s not usually “the other way though," and not many Indian people he knows have visited Pakistan. He also appeals to his subscribes that they should definitely come and visit Pakistan and see the place for themselves.

Rock is currently touring Pakistan and posting regular vlogs and travel videos from the country.

New Zealander YouTuber Karl Rock first visited India in 2013 and has since fallen in love with the country’s culture, people, and food so much so that he ended up marrying an Indian woman and settling in New Delhi.

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    Fascinated by what he experienced during his stay in the country, Karl began chronicling his journeys on YouTube and over the years has turned into a go-to channel for foreigners as to what they could expect while visiting India by watching his nifty DIY videos. Bargaining with vendors to speaking in Hindi to giving pro tips to avoid scammers in the country, to enjoying tapri ki chai, Karl’s popularity has seen a meteoric rise in the Indian YouTube circuit.

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    last updated:January 08, 2021, 08:58 IST