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YouTuber 'Mr Beast' Leaves Customers Emotional After Giving Away Free Cars Worth Rs 72 Lakh

YouTuber 'Mr Beast' Leaves Customers Emotional After Giving Away Free Cars Worth Rs 72 Lakh

Fancy a free car? YouTuber Mr Beast to the rescue!

Merchandise is what fans and viewers of famous YouTube personalities are usually gifted with as gratitude for supporting their channels, but not so with Mr Beast. Because when "philanthropist" Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr Beast does "giveaways", the person at the receiving end is often reduced to tears.

Case in point is a video titled "I Opened A Free Car Dealership" on Mr Beast's highly popular YouTube channel where he recently gave away cars and trucks to customers completely free of cost. The most expensive car of 12 cars in the lot was price-tagged at $69 (Rs 5,000), while another came for free and Mr Beast and his boys rewarded with an additional $1000 (Rs 71,000) to the customer for picking it up.

The overall revenue spent on the project? $100,000 (approx Rs 72 lakh).

"We own all these cars and now we're giving them away. This is the first-ever Mr Beast dealership," the YouTuber said at the start of the 16-minute-long video to his 23 million subs.

Credits: Mr Beast

Credits: Mr Beast

People who walked into the dealership were left with a feeling of shock and disbelief - a common sight on Mr Beast's channel - as they learned the "price" of the vehicle and double-checked with the clan to ensure it wasn't a prank.

"Huh? Okay is it going to blow up? What's the deal?" a customer quizzed the YouTuber before tearing up and asking, "Are you serious?"

Credits: Mr Beast

As more customers visited the dealership, they exhibited similar emotions before riding off into the proverbial sunset aboard their newly acquired cars.

The "free car dealership" video wasn't complete without Mr Beast's viral “last to leave” game as three buyers fought it out for a potential car while remaining seated in one. It was perhaps their lucky day as all three get to keep a four-wheeler each. All for free.

“This video is very special to me, and we impacted a lot of lives today. We really want to continue doing stuff like this,” Mr Beast said as the wholesome video came to an end.

If you happen to be new to Mr Beast's OTT world, the YouTube celebrity has, on previous occasions, tipped waitresses with golden bars, donated $100,000 to streamers, and opened the "world's first free store".

He also recently bought an entire store and gave away the food items and groceries to food banks and homeless shelters.

Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr Beast was among the many supporters of PewDiePie who rallied his support to Swedish gamer's "Subscribe to PewDiePie" sub war against T-Series by purchasing a bunch of billboards in North Carolina and turning them into advertisements asking people to subscribe to PewDiePie last year.